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Cats Musical is a touching story. The cat family will choose a cat to reborn. The old and ugly Grizabella was once the most beautiful cat in the cat family. When she was young, she left the family to see the world, but the world was not as beautiful as she imagined. So when she came back old and ugly, she was rejected by other cats. However, she used her voice to tell her story and touched all the cats. Finally she got a chance to be born again.



I designed this poster with the main character Grizabella (the reborn cat) of the Cats Musical. 

Design thinking.

For the color. I chose pure white as the mian color because I think the Grizabella is pure. No matter how ugly she looks, but her heart has been always looking forward a beautiful world.

For the painting style, I chose the Psychedelic style and painted the cat’s hair into a messy and tangly looks. I think these hairs represent the pain she has experienced. Every brush strokes of my paintings is very powerful. I hope that this is a Printmaking. Each cut is deeply engraved on the board like the unfortunate experience engraved on the Grizabella life. Finally, I draw a pair of bright yellow eyes for Grizabella. Because she has been always an ideal cat. In her eyes I can see the hope. Just like the song Memory she sang, If you’ll touch me, you’ll understand what happiness is. Look, a new day has begun. 

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